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List Of Available Birds For Your Experience

List Of Available Birds For Your Experience

Chris Neal has a large selection of birds that can be used for your experience. If you have a particular interest in a bird please ask if it can be used on your experience day.

For photographs of the owls below please click here


Below is a list of the birds that are available


'Smurf' - African Spotted Eagle Owl

'Molly' - Barn Owl

'Ellie' - American Redtailed Hawk

'Frogett' - Bengal Eagle Owl

'Sage' - Saker Falcon

'Benson' European Eagle Owl

'Jess' - Kestrel

'Maggie' - Harris Hawk

'Rocky' - Harris Hawk

'Tommy' - Peregrine Falcon


Please note we cannot garantee that we are able to use your selection of birds.

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